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One way system

Sara & Barry

Married at The Corinthian Glasgow - WOW what a venue!

This is possibly news to them, I'm not sure I have managed to tell them yet!


I'm in Glasgow trying to park & I phone the Corinthian to ask where is best, they tell me the DPD car park is 2 minutes away - fantastic that will do me, I get to the car park start going up the swirling car park & there is lots of cars in front of me not moving, I give it 5 minutes & people are getting out their cars & asking whats going on .. now I have cars behind me trying to reverse back out - which was impossible!! The guy working at the car park said its full we can not let yous in for safety reasons, I am no freaking out! I tell him I have a wedding to go to & need to get this car parked - he tells me they are checking for spaces & if they find any they will let us in! Now I am on the phone to the Corinthian, telling them whats going on saying to them yous told me to go here what am I going to do I can't be late?!?

EVENTUALLY they found spaces so got parked & into the lift ... its a week day & there is families all dressed up in the lift with me, I asked them if they were going to the wedding Yes they were! They ask me if they can follow me because they are not from here & have no idea where to go...

I get my Google maps out, it tells me I'm 15 minutes away - am now going crazy saying they told me it was 2 mins away wait till I get there!!

So we walked & walked, the girls in heels asking me when will we be there, anyways we got there no time to spare so got onto my work & just forgot all about it all!

Then on way home I get the google maps on - tells me in 2 mins away from DPD car park, I'm thinking what is going on, anyways I got to the car park & got home.

later that night I am saying to my husband , Can you believe it made me walk 15 mins when it was only 2 - this is when the penny dropped & Ryan said to me YOU IDIOT YOU WALKED THE GUESTS AROUND THE ONE WAY SYSTEM BECAUSE YOU HAD IT ON CAR MODE.


Part from all that drama! THE WEDDING WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Barry & Sara are made for each other & have light up letters saying 247 - meaning we should love each other 24/7!

I will show of these 2 below!

How amazing are these two!!! XX

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