The girl behind the camera..

Hello, I'm Julieanne & weddings are my thinggg! I do not miss a beat I know how special these moments are.

You have one day, you can't go back & do it all over again - You MUST pick your photographer wisely! Know you can trust them to not miss a thing!

I'm super organized, I help weddings go smoothly - I will tell you when its time to get ready.. & help the guys with the button holes.. I have dressed most of my brides & its honestly so special.

I just have a way with weddings any of my previous couples will tell you that.. its just my nature.

My friends say "The girl with the golden heart"

I have 2 bairns - Rebekah & Ryan,

Rebekah is a strong little lady, I will teach her that girls run the world :) When picking her name I knew a wanted a strong name, we also call her Beks alot!

Ryan is very soft natured, loves a cuddle - I will teach him to be a gentleman :)

I have 3 doggies - Rosie, Winston & Bear - it is a mad house but we love it!!

I LOVE a good book!

I HATE getting my photo took - believe it or not!

My favorite movies are - Ps I love you, dirty dancing & pretty women, practical magic, the hangover

My Favorite food is - Indian although I am fond of a Chinese also!

Love a cup of tea, I take 3 sugar and milk & I won't be judged okayyy!

LOVE a caramel Freddo - absolutely gutted these are no longer Taz bars!!

Hanging a washing out in the sunshine is just a level of happiness that can't be beaten!

Something people don't know about me is ...... I am a Reiki Practitioner - Making people feel better is so rewarding.

Crystals - Yoga - Manifesting .... is my thingggg!

I am old before my time - but I am okay with it!